I have a custom board with a KSZ9897 switch chip and a LAN7801 upstream. The KSZ9897 is connected to the Compute Module via i2c, and I can see it at 0x5f using i2cdetect. Everything appears to be working correctly from a hardware perspective, but I can not seem to get the linux driver to work.

I have compiled and installed a custom kernel version with CONFIG_NET_DSA_MICROCHIP_KSZ9477=m and CONFIG_NET_DSA_MICROCHIP_KSZ9477_I2C=m, which is successfully producing the modules I'd expect. I can load them with modprobe with no errors.

What I cannot get my head around, is how the dt config is applied as shown in the documentation. I've attempted adding the bits I need as options in /etc/modules and also manually when loading the driver. Nothing presents errors, but nothing seems to work either.

I think this is more of a question about modules and the device tree than the hardware itself, any guidance would be much appreciated.


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