So my computer doesn't have wireless so i was wondering, is there a way my pi 0 W can share it's connection with my PC though USB

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    Not posting as an answer, but this might help RPI Zero W AP Shared internet connection over WiFi?. It's badly written, but sounds like it's what you want to do... however, i have a feeling that the process doesn't quite match the title. The last link in that article seems to make the Pi Z an access point, which isn't what you are after. As cr1ptal states, just get a wifi USB dongle. It'll certainly be easier and probably more reliable. Aug 26 '20 at 6:22

First you have to connect the Raspberry Pi Zero W to your PC with an USB cable and use OTG Gadget ether emulation to get the USB connection emulated as an ethernet connection. Then you should have an interface usb0 that you can use as an ethernet interface.

As you wrote you already have a WiFi uplink connection to your local internet router. So you must also have a WiFi interface, I assume its name is wlan0. Now you can use different solutions to transfer data between usb0 and wlan0. For examples to do it, have a look at: Can a Raspberry Pi Zero W be turned into an USB WiFi dongle to any USB Host like x86 PC or mini-PC?.


To my knowledge, there is no Wifi sharing on the Pi - it is a more advanced feature, simple computers don't have. A least not as standard Raspbian. You can google if there is a software for Internet sharing over USB for the Pi, I doubt.

Moreover, it makes little sense to use a Pi for Internet-Wifi sharing. You will be better off with a Wifi device on your PC. If you want things to be simple, go for a USB dongle.

If you have a laptop, Wifi over USB it the best option.

If you have a Desktop, it could be interesting for you to learn how to plug a PCIe Wifi card into your motherboard.

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