I have an old-ish RPi 1BP. It's slow, but remains useful for some things. I do keep the software current through periodic apt update & apt upgrade.

I've noticed that since the upgrade to buster, the upgrade process has become lengthy, typically requiring several minutes (occasionally 10-15 minutes) to complete. The 1BP is old, it's slow and the eth0 bandwidth is limited - I understand that. However, needless downloads of packages such as rpi-eeprom, bluez, bluetooth, wifi drivers, etc. requires additional time for download and processing. Some - e.g. the rpi-eeprom package - are later deleted.

I've read the "official" documentation on Updating and Upgrading, and searched for methods to perform hardware version dependent upgrades, but nothing has turned up. Does anyone know of a way to limit the upgrade (or update) process to only the packages relevant to that hardware version?


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