A few months ago, I migrated a PHP application to a new pi. I moved all the scripts and dumped the tables using phpmyadmin export. I then imported the tables in the new server. There were a few problems with permissions and the like, but I got everything working. The only thing is, there are a bunch of new tables that appeared like pma__bookmark, pma__central_columns, pma__column_info.

Only five of these tables have any rows; pma__expoprt_templates (1 row), pma__favorite (1 row), pma__recent (2 rows), pma__table_uiprefs (4 rows), pma__userconfig (2 rows).

Can anyone tell me where these tables came from and is it safe to remove them? Did I inadvertently install some app while I was building this lamp server?

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    my guess is that pma comes from phpMyAdmin .... why don't you search linux sites? ... your question is not about Raspberry Pi – jsotola Sep 1 '20 at 1:19

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