Several months ago, this blog post appeared in a search. In summary, this post outlines the new char device-based GPIO interfaces. It further states that a full complement of features will be available with the release of the 5.5 Linux kernel, and libgpiod ver 1.5.

Since reading this announcement, I've been expecting to see a more-or-less official schedule from the RPi Organization announcing a date for release of these upgrades. I've probably just missed the announcement, but I've seen nothing at all on this through raspberrypi.org.

I have two questions:

  1. Has there been an "official" announcement on the expected release date?

  2. Is there a reasonably safe & straightforward method for upgrading to the 5.5 kernel and libgpiod 1.5? For example: rpi-update??

I'd like to hear from anyone who has tried this upgrade.

  • I quickly googled and sadly found nothing updated or interesting. I guess I need t wait till 2022 to find anything interesting. Cheers. BTW, the most updated I read so far are: (1) An Introduction to chardev GPIO and Libgpiod on the Raspberry PI - Craig Peacock, Embedded Linux 2018oct16 beyondlogic.org/… (2) Architectures/ARM/gpio - FedoraProject - 2019 fedoraproject.org/wiki/Architectures/ARM/gpio (3) GPIO - LinuxSunxi linux-sunxi.org/GPIO / to continue, ...
    – tlfong01
    Sep 3 '20 at 7:07
  • (4) Support for libgpiod as pin factory? - GPIOZero issues/840 github.com/gpiozero/gpiozero/issues/840. PS - I am a python and GUI guy and rarely use CLI staff..
    – tlfong01
    Sep 3 '20 at 7:08
  • 1
    I'm not sure the Foundation will be that bothered. There are a plethora of existing libraries which will always outperform libgpiod on the Pi. I'd only expect to see interest if they are forced to move from the Broadcom SoC.
    – joan
    Sep 3 '20 at 7:59
  • 1
    @joan: Is it true that the sysfs interface to GPIO has been deprecated & will be removed from the kernel? If so, what result?
    – Seamus
    Sep 3 '20 at 8:44
  • It has been deprecated. I have no idea when it will be removed. Those GPIO libraries which depend upon sysfs will then stop working and will need to be rewritten or be abandoned. I doubt pigpio will be updated to use libgpiod rather than syfs. wiringPi is deprecated. I don't know about bcm2853. The author of the Python RPi.GPIO is making changes.
    – joan
    Sep 3 '20 at 9:41

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