I just put together a raspberry PI in kiosk mode that is using xorg and openbox to auto launch the chromium browser in kiosk mode. It's using xorg and openbox to display the browser, and works fine, however I would like to tweak the DPMS.

I can add the following to /etc/xdg/openbox/autostart and it will blank the screen after 2 minutes

xset dpms 0 0 120

And when I tap the touchscreen it comes back on, however I can still see that the screen is backlit and drawing power, is there a way to completely turnoff the screen and power it back on after X minutes while allowing it to come back on after touching the screen?

Also, is there a way to disable the mouse click that results from the 1st tap after it blanks/powers off? With the above config it works, but when I tap the blank screen anywhere there is a link, it clicks the link, I'd like the first screen tap after blanking/powering off to just wake it up, not actually click anything.

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add: hdmi_blanking=1

That did it, but now my screen is displaying "No signal" which is a hardware issue with the display. Will research that one seperately.

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