I use a Raspberry Pi Touch Display that I connect like shown in the following picture to my Raspberry. The black and red wires are connected to thee GND and 5v pins respectively. Now I want to physically turn off the display while the raspberry is still running.

enter image description here

Can I just use a normal 12V switch and connect the black wire to the ground and the red to the Acc and Power respectively to be able to turn the display on and off?

enter image description here

  • You could use a normal switch but that device pictured is far from normal. – Milliways Sep 25 '20 at 3:47
  • top picture ... unplug the red wire ... your switch has to duplicate the breaking of the circuit – jsotola Sep 27 '20 at 18:48
  • I'd just like to add that some people are saying that after reconnecting the display, it requires some kind of signal from the Pi to turn back on or something... – Galaxy Nov 29 '20 at 1:08

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