I'm trying to use QEMU to emulate RiscOs under Windows7 or later.

Taking as a start point the Windows download to emulate Raspbian from Sourceforge.

Simply changing the .img file that is invoked by run.bat to the RiscOs .img that comes with NOOBS doesn't work as the boot routine still loads some linux load routine. The documentation within the download package is just a long list of option codes. I can't decode the options without some more documentation.

RiscOs is not listed on the Official QEMU supported OS list at Claunia so I suspect there may not be much call for it!

Has anyone achieved this trick?

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There is blog post about how to boot RiscOS in QEMU. The trick is that you have to use custom QEMU (not the upstream one). For sure it should work using blog author's tree, but it was't updated for quite some time. I think it can also work on Torlus tree.

It also means that you have to go through painful compilation process under Windows or use Linux. I don't have checked method for that, so I can't give you valid link.

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