I have used the command raspistill -o image.jpg to take a picture.

when the command is executed, the camera will show the red light, but the light on the camera won't stop until I stop the PI, I also looked at the picture taken from the camera. it showed image.jpg~, when I opened it, nothing was in the image, 0 byte.


  • add the verbose option and post what is output, i.e. use the command raspistill -v -o image.jpg Nov 16, 2013 at 19:53

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I have seen this happen when there is a connection problem. Double check that both ends of the ribbon are not damaged and inserted fully.

Second guess would be power supply problem. The camera can use quite a lot (relatively) amount of power


Please note that raspistill has a default timeout of 5, which basically means the waiting time in seconds before taking a picture.

To make raspistill run fast execute the following:

raspistill -o shot.jpg --nopreview --exposure sports --timeout 1

Also check out my answer at Raspistill slow to trigger? for how to take fast pictures.

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