I am trying to install OpenCV-3.1.0. I am following this tutorial: https://www.pyimagesearch.com/2015/10/26/how-to-install-opencv-3-on-raspbian-jessie/

I was on Step #4: Compile and install OpenCV when many errors occurred. This is the end of my .profile:

export PATH=/usr/local/bin:$PATH
export WORKON_HOME=$HOME/.virtualenvs
source /usr/local/bin/virtualenvwrapper.sh

This is my cmake command:


I had issues with cmake but now they are fixed with some Googling.

I also had some issues with the make command but even some of them were fixed, exept this one. Here are the last few lines of my output:

[ 32%] Linking CXX shared library ../../lib/libopencv_photo.so
[ 32%] Built target opencv_photo
[ 32%] Building CXX object modules/dnn/CMakeFiles/opencv_dnn.dir/src/layers/fully_connected_layer.cpp.o
[ 32%] Building CXX object modules/dnn/CMakeFiles/opencv_dnn.dir/src/layers/im2col.cpp.o
[ 32%] Building CXX object modules/dnn/CMakeFiles/opencv_dnn.dir/src/layers/layers_common.cpp.o
[ 32%] Building CXX object modules/dnn/CMakeFiles/opencv_dnn.dir/src/layers/lrn_layer.cpp.o
[ 34%] Building CXX object modules/dnn/CMakeFiles/opencv_dnn.dir/src/layers/mvn_layer.cpp.o
[ 34%] Building CXX object modules/dnn/CMakeFiles/opencv_dnn.dir/src/layers/pooling_layer.cpp.o
[ 34%] Building CXX object modules/dnn/CMakeFiles/opencv_dnn.dir/src/layers/reshape_layer.cpp.o
[ 34%] Building CXX object modules/dnn/CMakeFiles/opencv_dnn.dir/src/layers/slice_layer.cpp.o
[ 34%] Building CXX object modules/dnn/CMakeFiles/opencv_dnn.dir/src/layers/softmax_layer.cpp.o
[ 34%] Building CXX object modules/dnn/CMakeFiles/opencv_dnn.dir/src/layers/split_layer.cpp.o
[ 34%] Building CXX object modules/dnn/CMakeFiles/opencv_dnn.dir/src/torch/THDiskFile.cpp.o
[ 34%] Building CXX object modules/dnn/CMakeFiles/opencv_dnn.dir/src/torch/THFile.cpp.o
[ 34%] Building CXX object modules/dnn/CMakeFiles/opencv_dnn.dir/src/torch/torch_importer.cpp.o
[ 34%] Building CXX object modules/dnn/CMakeFiles/opencv_dnn.dir/src/torch/THGeneral.cpp.o
[ 34%] Building CXX object modules/dnn/CMakeFiles/opencv_dnn.dir/opencl_kernels_dnn.cpp.o
[ 34%] Linking CXX shared library ../../lib/libopencv_dnn.so
[ 34%] Built target opencv_dnn
make: *** [Makefile:163: all] Error 2

I have searched for similar posts, but all were "similar" and I didn't find anybody who had the same issue.

So I am stuck at 34%, and what does make: *** [Makefile:163: all] Error 2 mean?

Am I missing something or doing something wrong, I am kinda new to C++ compiling on Pi. How do I fix this issue? Please suggest me some steps. Thanks in advance.


I fixed it, turns out I was just using the wrong version. I did a complete re-install of Raspbian Buster and tried again, it worked

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