With something like


in boot/config.txt I can enable an external activity LED, which is useful if the Pi is in a case and the on-board LED cannot be seen. Unfortunatelly, this disables the internal LED, so when the external LED is disconnected (or broken), nothing can be seen at all, even if the case is open.

Is there a way to enable both, basically duplicating the LED status to the GPIO pin, instead of replacing it?

  • Use a different pin for the external? Oct 14 '20 at 21:11
  • @Steve Robillard, how would that improve the situation? Oct 14 '20 at 23:29
  • You could then have both working so if the external dies the onboard would still work. Oct 14 '20 at 23:35
  • 1
    @SteveRobillard I don't get it. The problem doesn't depend on which pin the LED is attached. Setting it to any gpio pin seems to disable the internal one.
    – PMF
    Oct 15 '20 at 9:28

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