When I first boot my Raspberry Pi into NOOBS, I get a blank screen until I push keys 3 or 4 and then select 1, switching it to HDMI again. Then, it works fine and I can install Raspbian, but after I install it and boot, I just get a black screen. The monitor is active (backlight on) but nothing on the screen. What do I need to do for video to work?

EDIT - Pidora works fine after install, no settings needed. No idea why Raspbian won't work.

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I had what is probably the same problem. I was never able to get any HDMI output on Raspbian if I installed it from NOOBS. Eventually I gave up on NOOBS and just made an SD card with Raspbian on it. That worked just fine. I used the Raspbian instructions on http://www.raspberrypi.org/downloads

  • I actually ended up fixing it - I jammed down a bunch of keys when booting to Raspbian and it started working.
    – charleyh
    Commented Nov 19, 2013 at 2:21

I was having a similar problem. I knew Raspbian was loading ok because I could log in via SSH. I am using an HDMI to VGA adapter to the monitor. Raspbian failed but Pidora would work fine. For me the secret sauce was boosting the HDMI output by setting config_hdmi_boost=4 in my config.txt file. I think that Pidora must set a higher default output current than Raspbian. Once I set that, safe mode started working and it continued to work fine after switching to full resolution.

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