I am trying to connect the Sensirion SPS30

I'm having trouble connecting it to my breadboard.

This is the connection on the sensor.

This is the connection for the sensor

I am thinking that I need a 5 pin JST / Molex to plug into the sensor and a breakout board like this one (but with a 5 pin connection) to connect the cable to the breadboard

breakout board

My problem is I can't find either for sale or that I'm barking up the wrong tree.

Does anyone know how to connect this to the RPi??

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This may be what you're looking for: SparkFun's Breadboard to JST-ZHR Cable

As a bonus, SparkFun sells the SPS30 with the breakout cable for $47 - about HALF the price it goes for on Digikey (without the breakout cable)

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