I have raspberry pi zero v1.3 which have no build in bluetooth, i want to use hc-06 bluetooth module with raspberry pi and arduino for serial communication, just for receiving data from arduino to raspberry pi over bluetooth using hc-06 on both sides. please guide me.

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Connect the HC-06 to the serial PINs on the Raspberry Pi:

Raspberry Pi - HC-06
         Tx  -  Rx
         Rx  -  Tx

You can read more details here : https://steemit.com/technology/@techvlogs/bluetooth-module-hc-06-on-raspberry-pi

And for the Arduino do the same as for Raspberry Pi, just replace "Raspberry Pi" with Arduino.

And to pair two HC-0(5 or 6) is done with AT commands and in short:

  • Choose witch is MASTER and the other become SLAVE.
  • Set PIN
  • Note hardware address for both MASTER and SLAVE.

Follow the instruction here for all steps and detailed explanation: https://alselectro.wordpress.com/2014/10/21/bluetooth-hc05-how-to-pair-two-modules/

And next time do a search on Internet before asking ;-)

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