What Java library should I use to control raspberry pi 4b, Pi4J does not support rpi4. Wiringpi is deprecated. I tried searching for others b ut cannot find anything, how to control gpio with java in 2020?


Different possibilities...

  • There is a new version V1.3 of Pi4J available which includes a script to update WiringPi to an "unofficial" fork which is fully Pi 4 compatible! See pi4j.com/1.3/dependency.html – Frank Feb 2 at 14:29

I can confirm that diozero (now at https://github.diozero.com/) works with all flavours of Raspberry Pi, including Pi4 and Compute Module 4 (as well as many other SBCs), as well as both 32-bit and 64-bit operating systems (RaspiOS and Ubuntu).

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