I have a Pi 3B running the latest Raspbian setup as a routed wireless AP. The Pi and the devices connected to it are under subnet The Pi is connected to another router for WAN access. I intend to setup a guest network either as,

1 Wireless AP guest network

2 An ethernet guest network

Where the devices connected to the guest network have access to WAN but are isolated from

I'm not sure which kind of guest network setup is supported by the Pi. I need help to setup either 1 or 2.

  • Welcome! I'm having a hard time understanding the question: is your Pi's IP Have you configured your Raspberry Pi as a guest network, or do you intend to do so? Could you clarify this in your post? :)
    – David
    Nov 4, 2020 at 15:49

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The built-in WiFi device on a Raspberry Pi is limited to create only one access point. To have a second access point for a guest network you need an additional USB/WiFi dongle. All other access issues are then only routing settings.

To have a wired connection to the additional guest network you also need a second USB dongle with an ethernet RJ45 port of course. You cannot plug two cables into one port ;-)

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