I'm a bit at a loss to describe the issues I have because they don't really seem consistent to me. I use a raspberry pi 4 running raspbian.

  • When I boot I have sound through 3,5 jack
  • I can change sound to a bluetooth receiver
  • If I change it back weirdness starts ** if on vlc, I can hear no output from mp3, if I restart vlc output is back ** if on chromium, I can only get sound back after a reboot


  • in Kodi I can have sound from movies (flv, mp4), but never from mp3

Stuff I tried

  • I have tried purging pulse audio because someone healed their issues through that
  • I have reinstalled pulse audio
  • I have installed pavucontrol
  • I have installed blueman
  • I have tried all audio outputs vlc gives me
  • when I access raspi via kodi clients from UPnP Radio or another Linux machine, audio is fine



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