Raspberry Model: Zero W. External Modules:

I'm aiming to make phone calls with the sim800L and 'bind' them with the RPI and I'm thinking about what i need to do it. As far as i went i understood that the sim800L module has a MIC +/ MIC - for micrphone input and same for audio output and the RPI Zero W instead for implement this things needs a bit more of complexity.

I was trying to make the Rpi and the SIM 'one' thing togheter so the SIM output during the voice call would be redirected to the rpi and the same for the microphone.

For now I saw how to add the I2S MEMS Microphone to RPI and how to create (and partially understood) how to make an audio output through the RPI Zero with the Adafruit guide (i've not googled it yet the right ammount of times for understand it but the logic should be this one Adafruit guide )

I think that for the Audio Output this is possible, I thought to follow the adafruit circuit for audio output on the ripo zero ( made understandable for new ones like me in this video Adding Audio Output To The Raspberry Pi Zero ) and in the last step before the connection of the rpi PWM pins with the Audio Jack connect the PWM pins to the SIM in this way: PWM_0 --> MIC- && PWM_1 --> MIC+ and after connect the MIC+/MIC- of the SIM to the Audio Jack ( i don't know if it makes sense ).

For the mic instead i'm totally lost.

Any idea is appreciated thanks :) !

[EDIT 0]

Ok for the audio question i think that i was wrong ( i mean this connection PWM_0 --> MIC- && PWM_1 --> MIC+ ). Probably the solution is adding thisI2S 3W Class D Amplifie module. I think that is only needed to share the Positive and Negative Pins with the SIM800

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