i Would like to create a POE power and ethernet delivery circuit for the pi zero, Setting aside the actual circuit of the POE and ethernet, I am first concerned on two things:

  1. How do i deliver Power to the zero via the GPIO? should i feed 5v to the 5v pins? i assume that by doing this i bypass a fuse so i have to place that in my 5v output.

  2. How do i deliver ethernet data to the zero via GPIO, though SPI ? something that already has native/3rd party software support because i am not experienced in the low levels of linux.

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    "i assume that by doing this i bypass a fuse" -> Yes, but you could instead use a cable end and feed it through the proper jack. Beyond that: raspi.tv/2015/… Those adapters are easy to find online and ~$10. However, even easier are USB ethernet adapters, which should be considerably faster (like 10x). That may complicate the POE angle though.
    – goldilocks
    Nov 16 '20 at 16:18
  • @goldilocks i am aware with the options you mentioned, but i do not like wires dangling around. True it is considerably easier to take that route. I am willing to take the extra steps for the sake of cleanliness, anyway am still going to create a pcb for the special purpose im using the zero, so its just a few components more. It would also be a great learning opportunity to learn POE circuit i can see that ill be using it more in the future
    – Jack
    Nov 16 '20 at 16:39
  • @goldilocks the module linked me is great stating point, i can just straight up use that exact same IC, but ill try to do a bit more digging if there is a much recent IC (since that article is 5 years ago)
    – Jack
    Nov 16 '20 at 16:41
  • You can't "bypass a fuse" because the Pi Zero doesn't have one
    – Milliways
    Nov 16 '20 at 21:40

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