I setup my raspberry with hostname but I cannot reach with SSH or WEB browser by my MacBookPro (running under maverick). If i try by WIN 7 everything works!

On raspberry I setup avahi.

Running avahi-browse --all

  • eth0 IPv4 gmvpi Remote Disk Management local

  • eth0 IPv4 gmvpi SSH Remote Terminal local

  • eth0 IPv4 gmvpi _device-info._tcp local
  • eth0 IPv4 gmvpi Apple File Sharing local
  • eth0 IPv4 gmvpi [b8:27:eb:ea:80:9f] Workstation local Running avahi-resolve --address gmvpi.local so if i try ssh [email protected]

ssh: Could not resolve hostname gmvpi.local: nodename nor servname provided, or not known and of course nor ping

if I address directly the IP everyting works. in finder the pi is present with gmvpi, so the problem should be just in resolving name

Any suggestion?

thank you for attention


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I installed netatalk on my Pi rather than avahi which did not seem to be available from the repositories, but both offer the same zero-conf facilities.

Initially I had some difficulties, my Pi would appear in Finder, but I could not connect. I forced connection with afp://IPaddress, and can now connect reliably in Finder.

I have always connected to the Pi with ssh [email protected] and just tried ssh [email protected] I received an error

The authenticity of host 'binniepi.local (' can't be established

I persisted, following prompts, and now both Finder and ssh can connect.

There is a new entry in ~/.ssh/known_hosts

PS I generated a RSA key on my Mac (years ago), and installed the public key on the Pi in

  • in my case the message is:" Could not resolve hostname gmvpi.local: nodename nor servname provided " so I thinks it's a problem of name resolution
    – Gian
    Commented Nov 22, 2013 at 14:06


In my macbook pro system preference --> Network --> Advanced --> DNS I changed in domain from "Workgroup" to "local" now i can ping Raspberry as [email protected] and

http://gmvpi.workgroup it's ok also!! also in ftp as gmvpi.workgroup it's ok

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