I have a Pi that runs hostapd and dhcpd on arch linux to create it's own land with the Pi's (routers) IP being This uses the wlan0 interface and it only serves as a standalone router running a web server.

Once I connect to the Pi, I use to display the web pages, but I want to use a hostname such as firepi. I have tried using dnsmasq, but I haven't been successful. Any help would be greatly appreciated especially if you can give me some detailed examples as I am a novice.

The purpose of this system is that I have created a web app that you can use to ignite fireworks over WiFi at a safe distance. I would just like the convenience of using a hostname instead of the IP address.

  • did you check dnsmasq are running? if it's running, you should able use firepi.local as hostname. Nov 22, 2013 at 20:22

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As it is a private network address it could be sufficient to edit the /etc/hosts file of any Linux computer wanting to use the name and not IP address. Yours could looking something like this    localhost localhost     firepi     otherbox

You should allocate firepi and otherbox static ip addresses to avoid confusion when firepi is not running and another computer is allocated

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