I have rpi setup as wireless ap using the below link as instructions.

Setting up a Raspberry Pi as an access point - the easy way

My exact setup is the one marked as 'recommended' in above link.

I want to install pi-hole to enable network wide ad-blocking. But when I installed and set it up the first time, I couldn't connect any devices to ap as they weren't being assigned an IP address. I tried enabling the "enable DHCP Server" setting in pi-hole but that didn't work either. Any help to properly setup pi-hole appreciated.

Note: I noticed that the setup in the above link requires us to remove 'dhcpcd5' but the pi-hole setup installs it again.


It seems pi-hole does not support systemd-networkd that is used for the setup you are using. So you are limited to use the default Raspberry Pi OS.


A solution could be to run docker on your Raspberry Pi and PiHole (https://hub.docker.com/r/pihole/pihole) as a container and a container as AP(ex. https://pifi.imti.co/).

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