I'm looking at a project where I will need to drive two separate displays from a Pi, both of which are touchscreen - specifically GT911 type on a separate I2C connection.

This will almost certainly be driven by a Pi4, but I'm not familiar with how you can integrate the I2C drivers for two identical screens such that the I2C devices are tied to the correct screen.

It's not a problem (for the project) to use 2 different I2C interfaces, perhaps even the two HDMI_I2C channels if that's allowed - the docs/info I've found so far has been either vague or contradictory.

How's best to go about this? I'd like to avoid major kernel/driver hackery if possible to keep things compatible/maintainable.

  • The Pi4 has 5 or 6 independent I2C interfaces, so that part should not be a problem. I haven't used this type of display, though, so I don't know how to configure the drivers. – PMF Dec 10 '20 at 7:10

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