I am trying to use ADC converter in my raspberry which has speed around 100k smp/s. I am setting clock as producent of converter recomend for 20 Mhz. But I only recive around ~ 43k samples/s and I can't get more even if I change Clck value. I am using hardware SPI0. My question is what is default speed of SPI in raspeberry? How can I speed it up? I don't know python so I would like to avoid libaries in python to set SPI speed. I am using c# to programing my raspberry. Maybe there are some consol commands to set it ? Thanks for you answers.


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The speed is probably limited by the number of transactions the Linux SPI driver can manage in one second.

See How fast is SPI for some benchmarks I did.

I suggest you try a library which bypasses the Linux SPI driver.

I am aware of two.

(My) pigpio.


The bcm2835 library.


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