Run OpenGl 3.3 on Raspberry Pi

Good evening, When I run Blender (I don’t know, I suggest it is Blender 2.8 (in Ubuntu), because in normal Raspbain OS, with Blender 2.79 it works out) with my Raspberry Pi 4 8 gb, there is a warning:

    [![Error! Unsupported graphics card or driver.
A graphics card and driver with support for OpenGL 3.3 or higher is required.
The program will now close.][1]][1]

There is a picture of this code (Is needed, because I would like to show that in Ubuntu it is different) Picture of the code written above

Or another example: When I start Supertuxkartracer, there is also a Warning: x-special/nautilus-clipboard copy enter image description here

Therefore I suggest that running OpenGl 3.3 is needed, so I did a lot of research on the internet, but did not find a resolution.

I have the question: Is there any solution to install OpenGl 3.3?


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OpenGL is not just a software library, it's a software interface to hardware features of the graphics accelerator. While it's technically possible to emulate a higher version of OpenGL on a weak hardware (by implementing the missing functions in software) there's little point in doing so, because such compatibility will come at the expense of performance.

Currently Pi 4 is limited to OpenGL 2.1

If you're a technical type, you can generate an OpenGL 3.3 wrapper using Glad and see how far the Pi's hardware (which supports EGL 1.5 under the hood) will take you. I assume the whole reason OpenGL 2.1 was chosen for the Pi is because you won't get any additional hardware-implemented features if you go for a higher version. Having an OpenGL 3.3 library which in fact only supports a functional subset corresponding to OpenGL 2.1 will result in a failure later down the road when Blender will try to use any of the non-implemented features.


You can enable mesa3d software rendering.


Then it will work, but you won't be able to do any serious work for now, hopefully soon. You could play with custom builds of mesa3d, though.

EDIT: This is why it works on Kali Linux.

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