I've got a RPi 2 running Raspi OS 2020-12-02 with Adafruit 3.5" TFT display - the display is configured correctly and displays console messages and as well can display images, for example when I run fbi /usr/share/rpd-wallpaper/trees.jpg while logged in with a keyboard directly on the RPi.

However when I SSH to it I'm unable to run any framebuffer apps like the above. All I get is an error:

[ssh-session] pi@camview:~ $ fbi /usr/share/rpd-wallpaper/trees.jpg
ioctl VT_GETSTATE: Inappropriate ioctl for device (not a linux console?)

Any idea how to convince fbi or any other graphical app for that matter to use the TFT display even if I'm logged in over ssh?

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i believe you need to export DISPLAY to get that to work i have been using FBV instead of FBI and i like it a lot better and it also supports fs scaling too


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