I am planning on using a Raspberry Pi CM4 with PiCore (a version of TinyCore for the RPI) for an embedded project involving a MCP2518 CAN controller. There is an MCP251x driver already available in the linux kernel, which appears to be available on Raspbian by default. Something I noticed is that it seems that the standard can modules are not available on PiCore (no result when executing modprobe -l | grep can).


Is there any way of using a CAN bus with the MCP2518 SPI controller with the standard PiCore image without much effort, e.g. adding the can and mcp251x drivers to core.gz? Or should I resort to using another distro?

I'm open to any suggestion.

Edit: It seems there are extensions available for this, see http://forum.tinycorelinux.net/index.php/topic,18858.0.html

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