I updated the packages on my Raspberry Pi 2 (running Ubuntu Mate 20.04) by using apt update and apt dist-upgrade. Everything went smoothly. Then I restarted, and got the following error during the boot process:

firmware bug bootloader left irq enabled bank 1 irq 9

Now my pi2 is just stuck there and does not boot.

What would be the best way to solve this?


I have the same issue with my Pi Zero board, I compiled a new kernel image and copy to SD card, when it boots up, the screen displays "Firmware Bug: Bootloader left irq enabled bank 1 irq 9", and nothing else displays. Wait a few more seconds, the QT application runs and the Wi-Fi connection also works. So I think this is not a problem for my board. Have you tried just give it few more seconds (maybe minutes)?

  • Yes I waited, but then in the end, I reinstalled the system and now it seems to work fine again. – Ionică Bizău Jan 17 at 10:15

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