I have bought a new USB-C power supply for a new RPi and the adapter is significantly smaller than the old micro-USB ones, but to my surprise this new power supply also 'suffers' from the 'oversized plug' issue, i.e. it has parts sticking out.

The old supplies have changeable plugs and I used to think that this maybe the cause but the new supply is Australia-only.

What is the reason behind adding the sticking out parts on Raspberry Pi power supplies?

enter image description here


Other plugs in Australia don't have these "wings".

  • Probably because different plugs from around the world have different dimensions - and those sticky outey bits represent the biggest plugs - or they are wings, which make it faster :p – Jaromanda X Jan 1 at 7:48
  • I forgot to add, even though these don't have changeable plugs, the brick itself would be the same regardless of the added plug - I don't know ... I cut the wings off mine :p – Jaromanda X Jan 1 at 7:53
  • Do other warts in your country have them? May be for a country specific safety reason. – joan Jan 1 at 9:19
  • I believe it was a legal requirement. – CoderMike Jan 1 at 10:39
  • It's a marketing feature. It's there so that Dremel & Proxon can sell more small grinders in Oz. – Dougie Jan 1 at 14:07

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