I am trying to make a speech recognition system on a Raspberry Pi 3 model B+ using Python. It needs a microphone. I have the keyes Sound sensor which looks like this(https://cutt.ly/Jjp9jWP). Can this sensor be used as a Michrophone?

Note:- I am very new to raspberry pi so this may sound like a silly question but please give me some knowledge

Do I need to buy a usb microphone or will this work?

  • Ok, This is the link to the datasheet (smallpdf.com/…) Jan 5 at 16:25
  • Oh, ok. I will try it with the 10k resistor between analog output and Microphone input. I think we can do this with the help of the potentiometer in the middle? Jan 6 at 3:14
  • If you look at the image link (cutt.ly/Jjp9jWP), you'll see a potentiometer in the middle. Can I use that? Jan 6 at 7:54
  • This is the schematic diagram for that (cutt.ly/Hjhj24s).. Just scroll down a little bit and also if you want you can read the website as well Jan 7 at 3:07
  • Ok, Thank you for the try tho :) Jan 7 at 10:40

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