pi zero w running motioneyeos with Noir camera will run for several hours on the motioneye os be fore disconnecting , there are two other raspberry pi zero w and one raspberry pi 3b plus working as motioneye server, only one of the pi zero w will disconnect its camera from the network, the pi power light will remain on , when pi is unplug and plug back in it will work normally for as long as sometimes 12 hours before it disconnects again, tried changing power supply , get same results thanks for help

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    check various logs in /var/log for any indication of issues - perhaps syslog, messages, debug, daemon.log and user.log for a start - and any other logs that motioneyeos may be putting there Jan 6 at 0:45
  • Could you add some punctuation to your question? An actual question mark somewhere would be a good start. Jan 12 at 8:58

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