I am thinking of buying A Raspberry Pi 400 Only Keyboard ( not a kit). So for a power supply I don't want to buy the official power supply, But a adapter and a long cable ( such as here ). Can u just tell me if it will work, if not please suggest a power supply related to the official power supply but has a longer cable.

Thank You

  • Ideally you should avoid things sold as chargers. The USB C ones are probably better than the USB 2.0/3.0 ones, but they potentially cannot handle the rapidly fluctuating current draw of an electronic device like the Pi (which is not a "low energy" mobile device, and does not have its own battery). – goldilocks Jan 8 at 17:21
  • @goldilocks : Thank You – Dhruv-2676 Jan 11 at 5:42

Q: "Can u just tell me if it will work"?

No - unfortunately we can't.

Why? Because we don't know how long your "long cable" is, and we don't know what gauge wire is used.

What does "length & wire gauge" have to do with it?

The longer the wire, and the thinner the diameter, the higher the resistance - as explained here.

As the wire resistance increases, the voltage delivered to the RPi's USB input decreases. This is a consequence of Ohm's Law. If the input voltage decreases below approx 4.6 Volts, the RPi will begin to "misbehave", and you will have problems with it.

What can be done?

There are several remedies, but they will require a non-standard method of power delivery to the RPi. There are other Q&A here on RPi SE that address some of those options; you may ask a new question if none of these address your situation.

In the simplest terms: If you can tell us 1. Length of cable, and 2. Gauge of wire used for power, we can make a reasonable guess as to whether it will work. If you can't tell us that, then you will have to buy-it-and-try-it.

  • So can I use this official Raspberry Pi power supply as stated on Amazon (here). This is how long I need the cable to be (approx -- 6-10feet). – Dhruv-2676 Jan 9 at 8:33
  • @Dhruv-2676: What is it in my answer that you do not understand? – Seamus Jan 9 at 17:08
  • Everything That You Have Stated IS Not Understood By Me. Just Give Simple Answer Man! Don't Be Rude, If You Don't Want To Answer Please Don't! – Dhruv-2676 Jan 11 at 5:42
  • @Dhruv-2676: AFAIK, English is the language we use here. If it's too difficult for you, maybe try somewhere else? Or - just wait... I'm sure all those who read your comments will be anxious to help you. – Seamus Jan 11 at 7:35

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