I have a 2.4" TFT LCD 240x320 Serial SPI (ILI9341 driver) that I am unsuccessfully trying to use with Raspberry Pi 4B and the Adafruit_blinka library having executed the necessary pre-requisites (such as enabling SPI, installing dependencies, running Python 3.x, ..).

The wiring should be correctly done.

The screen however does not light up white or black but simply does not turn on, period.

I am using a display of an unknown manufacturer and could not find a datasheet. I just read on the seller's Ebay page that this particular model uses 3.3V and not 5V so I might have fried it. My bad, I guess.

Normally I execute the startx command so I can have the GUI up on the TV or use remote desktop applications. Do I understand correctly this is equivalent to FRAMEBUFFER=/dev/fb0 startx?

If so, perhaps I could test the display simply by executing these commands to rule out other issues, before I order a new one:

FRAMEBUFFER=/dev/fb1 startx
con2fbmap 1 1

It is my understanding this would bring the console up on this TFT display.

And I would then be able to revert to it being displayed via HDMI via con2fbmap 1 0.

Is this correct?

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