I have a PI Zero W and a camera module that came with 2 infrared lamps. It is this one or something very similar: https://www.arducam.com/product/arducam-ov5647-5mipi-camera-module-for-jetson-nano-with-ir-cut-led/

When I use the camera alone with raspistill or raspivid - it works okeyish (though video does lag every second even with low settings and bitrate set to 2 000 000). But when I attached the infrared lamps - Pi crashes after 1-2 photos or whenever I try to launch video stream.

From searching this stack, I think it may be the power supply (I'm using my old charger from a cheap smartphone). Is there any way to diagnose this problem more reliably? The lamps also come with a small screw that is labeled as adjustable resistance in some marketing materials, though I can't seem to find more info.

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    Is there any way to diagnose this problem more reliably? ... yes there is .... maybe you should be asking ... what is one of the ways to diagnose this problem more reliably? ... that could be answered measure the power supply voltage – jsotola Jan 13 at 21:55
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    How much power do the camera plus IR lamps need? How much are you supplying? – joan Jan 13 at 23:06
  • I'm using my old charger from a cheap smartphone - use a better power supply, guaranteed that's the issue – Jaromanda X Jan 14 at 1:27
  • I don't have anything to measure power-draw with, but I got a more powerful adapter and camera works now with both IR lamps attached. – Ivan Koshelev Jan 14 at 18:14

Confirmed, power supply was to blame. According to info from the web, Pi Zero W may draw up to 1.3 amps, while a cheap charger may be supplying less than 0.5 amps. Model 4 can draw up to 3 amps, which very few standard chargers will supply, lucky I got Raspberrys own power supply for that one.

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