I am trying to flash an image onto a Compute Module 3+ with onboard eMMC using the CM I/O board. The process seems straightforward, but I'm running into an error. Here are the steps I'm taking:

  1. Ensure J4 jumper is set to EN.
  2. Connect first micro USB port to host PC.
  3. Connect second micro USB port to power.
  4. On host PC, run sudo ./rpiboot.
  5. On host PC, run rpi-imager.
  6. Select image file (any).
  7. Select SD card: RPi-MSD- 0001 (raspberrypi) - 31.3 GB
  8. Select WRITE.

Almost immediately, it displays an error with the following text:

Write error while trying to zero out last part of card.
Card could be advertising wrong capacity (possibly counterfeit).

Searching the internet for that error message I didn't find any information. Is it just a hardware failure? Does anybody have any ideas or things I can try to fix that?

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I found the answer. I was connecting the USB cord to the host PC through a USB hub. When I connected directly to the host without the hub, everything worked correctly. I'm not sure why the hub causes a failure since everything else that's connected to it works fine. But I'm thankfully able to continue working now.

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