I want to use python 3.7 in raspberry pi through miniconda but surfing, I got to know that miniconda provides python version upto 3.4. Some sources said to use berryconda, which I installed but still the conda info states my python version is 3.6. I tried to install python 3.7 through conda install python=3.7. But as u might have guessed that didnt work as well. I do have python 3.7 manually installed but I don't think there is a way to make conda use that version (please correct me if I'm wrong and tell me how).

I want to create an environment with these dependencies, but it seems I'm stuck on the first step (python 3.7):

name: yolov4-cpu


  • python==3.7
  • pip
  • matplotlib
  • opencv
  • pip:
    • opencv-python==
    • lxml
    • tqdm
    • tensorflow==2.3.0rc0
    • absl-py
    • easydict
    • pillow

Is there a solution for my problem?

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How about try

conda create -n env_name python=3.7
conda activate env_name


source activate env_name

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