I've been looking for a tunneling service, but it seems like most information is outdated. I've been using portmap.io for a while, but they only provide tunneling for one port.

The main requirements are a stable url, and it being free. Is there any suggestions on what people have been using?

Pagekite seems like a good alternative. I've obviously looked into ngrok, but they only provide dynamic urls in the free tier. Localtunnel seem to be unreliable at best from reading around. I've also seen SocketXP, but just wanted to see if there is anything considered to be the go-to.

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    shopping questione are off topic here
    – jsotola
    Jan 25 at 21:40
  • Fair point, I expected it tbh, however, any other place where it'd be on topic? @jsotola
    – Lorenzo
    Jan 25 at 21:42

You can use an SSH reverse tunnel to expose the port on a remote server. I wrote a tutorial about the process if your interested in reading it...


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