It also says failed to start "enable compressed swap in memory using zram".

Any ideas why my system keeps getting corrupted?

Sorry - ideally any ideas how I can repair/restore?!


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    Which OS? Which Pi? What power supply? Using sd card? Any reason you can't just flash a new OS? – CoderMike Jan 26 at 12:08

Your question lacks detail, but two possibilities come to mind:

  1. You have made ill-advised changes to various configuration files and/or your system configuration, or

  2. Your SD card is failing.

If it's # 1, you should re-install your OS, and start over.

If it's not - if you haven't made changes, then you could check & repair the filesystem using fsck - here's one procedure for that.

If fsck finds nothing, there are some other things to try, but it would be best to have a bit more information first.

Finally, and for the longer term: Get (and keep) a spare SD card, and maintain backups of your system.

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