So I'm completely noob at playing with linux / raspberry but I've been able to follow a few tutorials but I'm still not able to achieve my goal.... Let me explain : I have a communication device with audio in and out jacks that doesn't support bluetooth but I would like to use it with my bluetooth 2way headset. On the market I can only find devices that will do ether in or out but not both at the same time. (or if there is, they cost like 200$...)

So what I thought was to put a small usb soundcard in my Pi3 (with mic-in/speaker out), connect my headset to the Pi3 via bluetooth and make it work so that the sound that is catched from my bluetooth headset microphone gets redirect to the speaker out of the sound card and at the same time, the sound that goes in the mic in of the soundcard gets redirect to the bluetooth headset speakers... feasible ? Anyone has a tutorial or something on that ?

So I followed this small tutorial and can confirm my headset is working with the pi but I can't go further: https://peppe8o.com/fixed-connect-bluetooth-headphones-with-your-raspberry-pi/

Any help appreciated.


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