So, I decided to install the KDE Plasma desktop and see how it would go. I installed it (all dependencies took up 1.3GB of storage) and tried it out, and didn't like it too much. It takes about ~100MB more than MATE. MATE does a badass job at displaying themes correctly. So, I removed them, but only freed up about 230MB (RIP 800 megs). However, after I switched back to MATE, some things don't work as they should. For example, I've set the theme to a certain color and some parts do not apply. This happened after I installed KDE plasma and Ubuntu desktops.

(Check out the thread https://ubuntu-mate.community/t/mate-desktop-doesnt-work-correctly/23511 to see the images for examples!)

I swear I removed the KDE-plasma-desktop and ubuntu-desktop already, and in Terminal it says they are not installed, but on the login, I have the option to select the desktops.

It seems I can boot into the desktops, but I already removed them so...? It bugs me because I want everything to have a certain color, and it fails. I tried dconf reset -f / but that didn't work. I tried to go to Appearance and select a different theme, but failed.

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Regarding the 800 MB you have lost, try running apt autoremove and apt clean: the first one removes packages which were installed as dependencies and are no longer needed, and the second one clears the cached .deb files.

Removing unused dependencies could help you with your other problems, but I wouldn't bet on it.

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