The problem is stable red light when powered up. I think SD car holder is broken. This happened suddenly a week ago. And it doesn't open anymore. Are there any way to open it without sd card holder ? I have SD card reader USB and a 16GB SD card. (3B+)

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    If i recall, the 3B+ can boot from USB out of the box - so just plug it in and you should be good to go – Jaromanda X Jan 31 at 0:07
  • I tried it with SD Card reader from usb socket. But still didn't open. I wonder if I should just do it with usb (I should buy a new) ? Are there any differences between SD card reader (within 16GB SD card) and USB ? – nadirhan Jan 31 at 0:32
  • perhaps the issue is with the sdcard itself if it doesn't work in the sd slot nor with USB SD adapter - do you have another SD card you can write a fresh image on? or do you have a USB thumb drive? – Jaromanda X Jan 31 at 1:51
  • Okey thanks. I will buy a new one and try. – nadirhan Jan 31 at 9:47
  • I have tried with 2 different USB (64GB & 8GB) and still Red light. – nadirhan Jan 31 at 14:50

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