I am working on the following project:

I want a video playing on a raspberry pi continuously in a loop. Whenever I press a button on the gpio, i want a text to be overlayed on the video for 5 seconds and then disappear.

I have seen posts on the internet providing solutions with OpenCV and moviepy but the python program only opens a video from a predefined filepath and displays the text on a predefined frame. What I want is the text to be displayed on demand on playing video.

Could you please suggest any projects or solutions which might suit my needs? Thank you for your time.

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I would recommend using GStreamer for this.

Check out their tutorials to understand how to play a video file, and this page documents how to apply a text overlay.

You will probably want to test using the gst-launch-1.0 command line tool, but to trigger from a GPIO I expect you'll need to write a program. You can use GStreamer from a wide variety of programming languages, but since you mentioned Python, here's the Python bindings for GStreamer.

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