I recently changed from HDMI display to official PI display. Although I was using this initially with keyboard and mouse, later I see the need for using touch. What I found was the touch was not working on the right of the screen. I mean at least the 80 to 90 pixel on the whole right of the screen is not working via touch. but when used with mouse it works. I have played around the boot - config file for quite some time with no luck. Looking for some help, Thanks.

I have saved the video of the same in the GDrive for reference. https://drive.google.com/open?id=1FVV66az3ZLrQiNVbpinmEfuN5j5JkAaI

  • When you touch the display on the other half, it is working properly? And the cursor goes to the correct position? If so, the display is probably broken. – PMF Feb 12 at 14:11

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