I'm looking to dual boot between two root partitions. I want to upgrade the other partition and then modify /boot/cmdline.txt to reboot on the newly upgraded partition.

There can be different kernel versions on the two root partitions.

In /boot/config.txt I can configure the path to kernel8.img


where part2 is a folder on the boot partition.

I assume the overlay folder must match the build of kernel8.img.

Where do I place the overlay folder? in /boot/overlay or /boot/part2/overlay ?

Can the overlay location be customized?


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Here's the solutions so far*
The goal is to make the system upgrade as atomic as possible. Before these steps a new full Linux system is unpacked onto a separate partition that will be referenced in cmdline.txt below.

  1. Create a folder for new update: /boot/linux2

  2. Copy the following files from /boot/linux2


  3. Update /boot/linux2/cmdline.txt to include the path to the root partition. I use these rather than the GUID version to make sure it works across multiple instances.

    ... root=/dev/mmcblk0p2 ...

  4. Critical step, update /boot/config.txt

    Add the line:


  5. Reboot


In addition to step 4 above there is also a few more critical steps in updating all files directly under /boot/ , I have no solution for this so far.

  • Although this answer works as described there are still files directly in /boot that would need to be shared between dual booting. In the end I decided to use dual boot partitions which was not trivial but that's a different question..
    – hultqvist
    Commented Apr 7, 2021 at 11:00

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