I use custom board with raspberry pi on SPI0 CE0 I have connected SC16IS752 (spi-uart IC) on SPI0 CE1 MCP2515 (can IC)

I have problem with init this first device

GPIO 7: level=1 fsel=4 alt=0 func=SPI0_CE1_N
GPIO 8: level=1 fsel=1 func=OUTPUT
GPIO 9: level=1 fsel=4 alt=0 func=SPI0_MISO
GPIO 10: level=0 fsel=4 alt=0 func=SPI0_MOSI
GPIO 11: level=0 fsel=4 alt=0 func=SPI0_SCLK

GPIO8 don't use func=SPI0_CE0_N, I init SPI0 in /boot/config.txt


What I should change?

  • What is actually your problem?
    – PMF
    Feb 28, 2021 at 7:03

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The Linux SPI driver does not put the slave select GPIO into SPI mode, it leaves them in OUTPUT mode and drives them directly.

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