I cross compiled Qt5.14.2 for my raspberry pi 4 on a raspberry pi OS lite

after that I created a Qt Quick application on my Ubuntu and I integrated images in my qml file

Image {
        id: compteur
        x: 223
        y: 102
        width: 570
        height: 227
        source: "images/b2.png"

so the image b2.png on my ubuntu is under ~/Desktop/test_v1/images and the executable test_v1 was generated under ~/Desktop/build-test_v1-Qt5pi-Release

on my raspberry pi I copied this executable and copied also all the directory test_v1

but when executing the application it worked well but the images didn't show up

I tried also to put the images and the executable in the same directory but couldn't work also.

if you know what should I change please tell me !

Thank you in advance

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I found the solution and it may help someone so I am going to post it.

I used Qt resources https://doc.qt.io/qt-5/resources.html and it will help you to integrate the images to the executable.

so under my test_v1 directory I created a file image.qrc (I used nano to create it) after that in qtcreator I added to my project this file (right click on the project -> add existing files-> choose image.qrc)

image.qrc containes :

<!DOCTYPE RCC> <RCC version="1.0">

the image b2.png is under test_v1/images

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