Am using raspberry pi 4 2GB with raspbian os for the last 3.5 months. everything was going well. From last week wifi is not get connecting. my pi can able to detect wifi but it's not connecting with the network. But when I use an external wifi dongle both the internal and external wifi is getting connected. But the internal wifi connection is very very slow compared to its previous performance. I inquired about this with my friends who are all using raspberry pi 4 everyone's pi is working fine, but one guy is having the same issue. While using 3b+ also met with this same issue.

I want to understand why it not and what's the problem, if we can solve the problem means what will be the solution. am having around 10 raspberry pi 4 but only on one raspberry pi am having the issue. if the internal wifi module is faulted means how it can able to connect when I put an external dongle. it kind of confusing.

And one more thing if its off topic means suggest to me where I need to post this issue

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    First step: Try resetting your wifi access point.
    – PMF
    Feb 25 at 6:09
  • also, I'd try a fresh install of Raspbian latest image (January 11th 2021) - and if that's OK, then apt upgrade it and see if it still works ... I'm assuming you keep your pi upgraded to the latest version Feb 25 at 6:19
  • Have you tried restoring from your backup?
    – Milliways
    Feb 25 at 10:18

It may be a power issue - do you have anything else plugged into the Pi?

The 3B+ was prone to 'iffy' WiFi with cheap adapters but using the 'official' one normally sorted it.

Other things:

  • I would check the country code is set correctly as well on both your AP and Pi
  • It's possible you are using a very popular channel - fix the working channel on the AP
  • Is this Pi out of range / near DECT phones or a microwave or Bluetooth or Zigbee devices?

Could just be a damaged component.

I have a mac that does the same thing soon after a close relative said they knew what they were doing whilst recklessly taking out the Hard Drive.

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