My current configuration: Raspberry pi, overclocked to second highest speed (Highest speed - Turbo isn't playing good, I get freezes, stutter in video etc)

 uname -a output:
 Linux raspberrypi 3.6.11+ #474 PREEMPT Thu Jun 13 17:14:42 BST 2013 armv6l GNU/Linux

Installed XBMC using: http://michael.gorven.za.net/raspberrypi/xbmc

XBMC version (Frodo):

XBMC Media Center 12.2 Git:Unknown
Copyright (C) 2005-2012 Team XBMC - http://www.xbmc.org

I've required licenses, and I've used raspbmc successfully to play 1080p, however I was implementing https://github.com/gkaindl/ambi-tv so I need to get raspbian wheezy and then XBMC.

I'm starting XBMC with:


The problem is when I play 1080p video only audio is streamed, however setup works perfectly for 720p and SD videos. I can't figure out what am I missing, I would appreciate any help in the matter.

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You might want to increase your video memory to at least 128 MB. For newer firmware version this can be done by adding the line


(possible values: 16, 64, 128, 256) to your


Helped for me.

Also see: What is the optimum split of main versus GPU memory?

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