I currently have a Raspberry Pi 4 set up on my home network, running Pi-hole. I also have a desktop on this network, dual booting Windows and Linux Mint. When I'm running Linux Mint, I can connect to the Pi via SSH without difficulty. When running Windows, I can't resolve the raspberrypi domain name, despite the Pi working as my DNS server:

> nslookup raspberrypi
Server:  raspberrypi

*** raspberrypi can't find raspberrypi: Non-existent domain

> nslookup raspberrypi.local
Server:  raspberrypi

*** raspberrypi can't find raspberrypi.local: Non-existent domain

I've tried flushing DNS on Windows with ipconfig /flushdns. I've also checked C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc\hosts, there's nothing relevant there.

My Pi has a static IP, so I could use the raw IP or add an entry to my hosts file, but I'd like to know what's going on. Anyone know why I wouldn't be able to nslookup or otherwise resolve my Pi's hostname?


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This is a known problem with Windows - which has a non standard implementation of .local (depends on version).

This has NOTHING to do with the Pi (or DNS for that matter).

See Zero-conf for more detail.


As Milliways said, this is not a RPi problem. Anyway, if you want to detect your RPi via it's hostname in Windows, you could do that after installing Bonjour for Windows. After installation completes, reboot windows and try again.

Good luck!

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