I installed and updated Raspbian OS and PiHole on a Raspberry Pi Zero W. But the adblocking feature is not working.

I am attempting to make RPi as DNS for my modem over ethernet. I have assigned fixed IP addresses to wlan0 and eth0 interfaces of RPi among along with other devices in admin console of my modem:

LAN Reservation in modem

I am attempting to make RPi as DNS for my modem over ethernet.

DNS Setup

The same IP addresses can be seen the RPi in the tooltip from network icon:

IP addresses seen in tooptip

The output of the terminal commands nslook pi.hole and pihole status are in the screenshot below:

enter image description here

The IP address for Server looks strange, perhaps because server can't find pi.hole: NXDOMAIN.

Looking at the log of PiHole, it is detecting traffic from only itself (localhost) and from Kumar's Echo.

PiHole Log

Here's the screenshot from Settings menu > System tab:

Settings > System

And here is screenshot from Settings menu > DHCP tab:

Settings > DHCP

I have uninstalled, reinstalled; and performed pihole reconfigure and pihole restartdns several times. As suggested in another similar question, I restarted my modem after installing PiHole several times.

Any solution please?

Please note that I am not a pro or an advanced user of Linux. :)

  • the output of nslookup is telling you that your DNS server is - so, not your pihole – Jaromanda X Mar 7 at 22:09
  • you need to maybe restart your router once so all connections are terminated and your router notified your devices of new DNS server. Look for DNS server after that. – Bijay Regmi Mar 8 at 1:14
  • @Jaromanda X - I can see that but don't know why. – Kumar Kush Mar 8 at 2:50
  • @Bijay Regmi - As I said in my question, I restarted modem several times after reinstalling / reconfiguring PiHole. And even 10 minutes back. – Kumar Kush Mar 8 at 2:54
  • how does the computer in that picture get its DNS address? It doesn't use DHCP, since it IS the DHCP server, so where is it getting its DNS address from? Oh, wait ... is the Pi your DHCP server, or is it still the main gateway that is your DHCP server? – Jaromanda X Mar 8 at 2:55

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